Sports Injuries & Custom Mouth Guards

The fall season is quickly approaching, and you know what that means! School is starting this month and many fall sports have already begun. You don’t want the threat of a dental injury to ruin the fun of your chosen sport, resulting in possible tooth damage and loss.

Severna Park, MD dentist, Dr. V. Lynn Morgan, wants to put smile protection at the forefront of the preventive health conversation. We emphasize the important role of custom mouthguards for the upcoming sports season.

Chances are that if you or your child play a sport currently or have played one before, you are intimately familiar with the annoyance that the average store bought mouthguards can be when it comes to fit and comfort.

We understand that store-bought mouthguards often don’t fit properly and can be distracting during a game, but we also want you to know how important it is for you to wear one. If you were to be hit in the mouth during a contact sport, mouthguards can absorb most of the force and protect your teeth, lips, and tongue from injury. In order for mouthguards to accomplish this, they must fit properly.

A well-fitting mouthguard allows you to speak and breathe and stays in place during activity. Your dentist can create a custom-fitting mouthguard that is both comfortable and durable. These custom-fitting mouthguards afford you the best protection from broken teeth and, in some cases, can also improve athletic performance by reducing the amount of energy used clenching the jaw. There is a reason why professional athletes use custom fit sports mouthguards on the field!

If your child wears braces or has any type of dental appliance, a custom mouthguard will be more effective than a store bought option in protecting this “dental investment” during contact play and in the event of an accident.

Summer is almost over and fall sports practices will be starting before you know it! If you are interested in being fitted for a custom mouthguard, schedule an appointment with Drs. Morgan and Wessner in our Severna Park, MD dentist office.