Worn & Broken Teeth Severna Park, MD

Frequently a chipped or broken tooth is the result of an injury or accident. There are cases, however, where worn or broken teeth are the result of an underlying functional dental problem. These patients may have crowns or fillings that seem to break repeatedly. Whatever the cause for your broken teeth, Dr. Zare provides a range of treatment options.

Tooth Repair

repair broken teeth severna park md

If you have a single chipped tooth or broken tooth caused by an injury or accident, our dentists can repair the tooth quickly in our Severna Park dental office.

In some cases, chipped tooth repair may include composite bonding, where a dental resin is applied to the tooth and sculpted into place for a seamless repair. For teeth that have more significant damage, our dentists may use porcelain veneers or dental crowns to repair the tooth, restoring normal function and esthetics.

Chronically Broken Teeth

If you have a tooth or multiple teeth that break repeatedly, despite repeated treatment, you most probably have an underlying structural or functional problem that needs to be addressed. We will restore broken teeth upon resolving the cause of the broken teeth.