Thursday Thought: Oral Health & Travel

When we think about flying, we make lists so as not to forget. The lists vary from what clothes to take, what medications we need to take, stopping mail delivery, setting up care for the dog, someone to check your house and so on.

But did you know what the American Student Dental Association has tips for frequent flyers? 


The American Student Dental Association recommend the following to prevent health issues and/or pain while flying:

  1. Postpone flights when suffering from a cold to avoid decompression sickness. If you have to travel, make sure to treat your cold with a decongestant.
  2. Don’t forget that to relieve pressuring when landing or take-off, you can chew gum or suck on candy.
  3. Filtered ear plus can help equalize air pressure against your eardrum.
  4. Have caries and leaky restorations treated before traveling.
  5. If teeth have been extracted, have the area thoroughly checked before traveling to rule. Your dentist can rule out situations that can cause sinusitis as you are exposed to pressure changes.
  6. If you are a frequent flyer, they recommend you avoid direct pulp capping and instead have direct canal intervention.

So remember, when flying or if you are a frequent flyer, see your dentist for a regular checkup and to discuss any concerns you may have.

Source: American Student Dental Association