Thursday Thought: The Benefits of Fluoride

Do you know the benefits of fluoride dental treatments? 

Has your dental hygienist recommended fluoride treatment and you have denied due to concerns over fluoride or expense? Well, here’s the truth about fluoride in conjunction with your dental treatment.

The CRA had conducted studies that show up to 75% reduction in new decay due to fluoride treatment. Who is the CRA? The CRA is an organization which started in 1976, by clinicians who believed practitioners could confirm the usefulness of new products and avoid both the experimentation on patients and failures. The application of fluoride helps prevent cervical decay, reduces sensitivity and prolongs the life of crowns and restorations (fillings).

Fluoride Treatments for All Ages

We still hold the idea that fluoride is for children only. In reality, fluoride treatment should be completed on all patients, of every age, every 3-6 months. Adult patients with high risks should complete fluoride treatment, at every regular checkup visit (usually every 3-6 months). High risk patients are those that have 3 or more cavities or problems with their teeth in the last 3 years, no fluoride exposure, dry mouth and/or taking certain medications. Your hygienist will assist you in determining your risk factor and will recommend the best treatment available for you.

Affordable & Effective Treat Your Teeth With Fluoride

There are insurance companies that cover fluoride treatment and there are some that don’t, but coverage is on the rise. This shouldn’t prevent us from accepting the best care to preserve our teeth, as long as possible, and protect them from decay and damage. The good news is that if there is no coverage, fluoride usually costs $40-50, which is a small fee compared to the benefits it supplies us with. Next time your dentist or hygienist recommends fluoride, feel confident in saying yes and knowing that you are applying protection to those pearly whites.