4 Things to Know About Dental Implants

Until recently, if you lost a permanent tooth, you didn’t have many options other than bridges or dentures. They don’t function as your normal teeth and they require a lot of maintenance. But patients now have another option to bring back their smile: dental implants. They are one of the  most recent developments in dental care.

Implants provide a more natural function of normal teeth. They are a long-term solution for tooth loss that helps to preserve your oral health. Dr. V. Lynn Morgan is a leading cosmetic dentist for dental implants in Severna Park, MD. Since she has many years of experience in this area, she can help restore your smile and confidence.

1. Implants last a lifetime

Implants are a permanent solution to missing teeth. They are surgical implanted in the jawbone and with proper care will last a lifetime. Occasionally, the false tooth, known as the crown, may show signs of wear and tear over time and will need to be replaced but the root of the implant should last a lifetime. Be sure to see your dentist regularly to make sure your implant is working properly.

2. Dental implants keep your jawbone healthy

Dental implants are not just cosmetic. They serve a vital function in oral health. Where there is a gap in the jawbone due to missing teeth, the bone in the jaw can recede jeopardizing the health of the neighboring teeth or the jawbone itself and perhaps lead to more serious dental problems. Additionally, patients could suffer from a sunken appearance to the face.

Unlike dentures, implants are embedded in the jaw and act in place of the root of the missing tooth. This allows the surrounding gums and teeth to remain in place preserving the structure of the jawbone and the general health of the mouth.

3. Implants protect healthy teeth

As alluded to previously, dental implants are vital in keeping the remaining teeth and jawbone healthy. Dental bridges, on the other hand, destroy some of the surrounding teeth as they are grinded to allow the bridge to be anchored to them. There is no need to anchor implants since they are placed directly in the pocket left by the missing tooth. The surrounding natural teeth are left in place without damaging them to accommodate a dental implant. 

4. Implants feel and function like natural teeth

The most important aspect of dental implants is that they act as natural teeth allowing you to eat and brush them as you would natural teeth. Dentures and dental bridges must be removed for specialized cleaning procedures. Also, most patients do not find them as comfortable as natural teeth. No additional care is required in order to care for dental implants.

Dental Implants in Severna Park, MD 

If you are interested in a long-term solution to missing teeth, please contact Dr. Morgan in Severna Park, MD. She can help restore your smile and your confidence with comfortable dental implants. For a free comprehensive consultation, please  contact us online or call us at (410) 415-9015.