3 Smile-Friendly Snacks

3 Smile-Friendly Snacks

As the COVID-19 crisis continues, many people have found themselves stuck at home for an extended amount of time. Some of our patients have expressed concern about continuing to care for their teeth during the quarantine. As your trusted dentist in Severna Park, MD, we wanted to provide some suggestions on how you can take care of your smile while at home. Here are our top three smile-friendly snack suggestions:

String Cheese

Cheese is a great snack to keep around your home. It contains a lot of calcium, which is necessary for your dental health because it helps your teeth maintain their strength. Additionally, cheese is easy to chew for our patients who suffer from jaw pain or a TMJ disorder. We recommend softer snacks like cheese because they are easier on your mouth muscles, unlike crunchier snacks like potato chips. You can buy any kind of cheese snack, but we recommend string cheese, cubed cheese, or sliced cheese for your ultimate snacking convenience.

Fruit Smoothies

Fruit smoothies are just as fun to make as they are delicious to consume. You can put any kind of fruit into your smoothie, but we recommend strawberries and kiwis. Strawberries contain a large amount of Vitamin C, which is essential to helping your mouth fight off harmful infections like gum disease. Kiwis are loaded with calcium to keep your teeth strong. Both of these fruits are highly fibrous, making them excellent for your overall health. You can even include a dollop of Greek yogurt in your smoothie for added calcium and creaminess.

Assorted Nuts

Sometimes, you may crave a crunchy snack. To resolve this craving, try reaching for some assorted nuts. Almonds, cashews, and walnuts all contain a variety of vitamins and minerals that help keep your dental health in check. Additionally, nuts help with saliva production. Saliva production is important because it is what keeps your mouth moist and able to wash away harmful bacteria. Instead of a bowl of potato chips, try keeping a bowl of assorted nuts nearby as you do computer work or watch television. Remember to opt for a softer snack if you are experiencing and jaw pain or discomfort.

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