3 Tooth Extraction Aftercare Tips

As your dentist office in Severna Park, MD, we are happy to provide tooth extraction services. Patients may need a tooth extraction if their wisdom teeth become impacted, or if one of their permanent teeth becomes severely decayed or damaged. Following your extraction, Dr. Lynn Morgan will provide you with specific aftercare instructions tailored to your needs. Here are her three best tips to consider when healing from a tooth extraction:

Get Lots of Rest

In order for your extraction site to heal, you will need to plan on getting some rest for the first few days after your procedure. We recommend avoiding any strenuous activity, spitting, drinking with a straw, or exercising until your extraction site heals. You may experience some swelling, which usually peaks around 48 hours after the procedure. While you are resting, you should apply cold packs or an ice bag wrapped in a towel to your cheek and jawbone. After 48 hours, you may also start applying heating pads to the affected area. This will help you manage any swelling as you recover. Do your best not to disturb the surgical area during the first few days to ensure proper healing.

Diet Matters

Bland liquids and soft foods are the go-to options immediately following your tooth extraction. It’s important to keep your mouth clean, since an accumulation of food residue may cause an infection and prolong your healing time. To help with this, we recommend maintaining your routine at-home oral hygiene in addition to rinsing your mouth with a saltwater solution following your meals. As you heal, eat any nourishing foods that you are able to chew and swallow gently. We recommend avoiding snacks like nut mixes, sunflower seeds, popcorn, or potato chips as these are more likely to get stuck in your extraction site.

Pain Management

Patients may experience various degrees of discomfort following a tooth extraction. This is to be expected, and should progressively get better as your extraction site heals. Take any prescribed pain medication as directed, preferably with soft foods and a large amount of water to lessen the possibility of side effects like nausea or upset stomach. If you do not see steady improvement during the first week after your procedure, please contact our office for further instruction.

If you are looking for tooth extraction services or wisdom teeth removal services in Severna Park, MD, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Morgan today.