Comparing Dental Veneer Options

If you feel unhappy about the way that your smile appears, you can find cosmetic enhancement with dental veneers. Your dentist will find a treatment plan that will suit your unique aesthetic goals. And they can recommend a type of dental veneer that will achieve your desired results.

Whether you want a minimally invasive option or more long-lasting, durable fixtures, the dentist can offer the best cap-like shell to fit over your tooth. Read on to learn about three dental veneers that your dentist can offer if you want to enhance the look of your teeth.

Types of Dental Veneers

Composite Resin Veneers

Composite resin veneers are made from tooth-colored resin bonding material. The dentist will apply malleable resin directly to the affected teeth and sculpt it into a shell. This allows you to have a straighter, whiter, and more even finish for your smile.

The dentist then hardens the resin by curing it with a special light. A final polish ensures a gorgeous and natural-looking finish. With proper care, resin veneers will stay on the teeth for three to ten years, but you can discuss touch-ups with your dentist.

Patients appreciate this more affordable way to enhance the look of their teeth. And this procedure requires very minimal preparation of the teeth. So those who feel nervous about dental work can relax.

Resin is susceptible to staining, however. So to maximize the cosmetic benefits of this treatment, be careful of substances with staining agents. Follow aftercare guidelines from your dentist for the best results.


Lumineers refer to a type of veneer made from a very thin shell of porcelain. A dentist can adhere these fixtures to the front of a patient’s teeth within one appointment and without removing any enamel from the teeth.

The result is an enhanced shape, color, and alignment of the teeth that especially suits patients with mild to moderate aesthetic concerns in their smile. Lumineers are not custom-made like other cosmetic treatments can provide. But the durable fixtures can last for eight to 20 years with proper maintenance. This is a faster and yet equally effective cosmetic dental solution for many patients.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers refer to the most enduring and long-lasting type of veneer that your dentist can offer. These custom-made shells attach to the front of teeth with a bonding material to improve the color, shape, and position of a patient’s smile.

The dentist must remove a small amount of enamel to prepare the teeth’s surface and make room for these types of veneers. But you will receive a local anesthetic to ensure you remain comfortable during the procedure. Because of the nature of this process, dentists consider this to be a permanent dental solution.

Once secured, porcelain veneers will stay on your smile for 15 years or longer. They resist stains as well as decay so that you can enjoy aesthetic advantages for an extensive period. However, you should continue good at-home care of your smile and dental work to get the most out of your veneers.