Do Invisalign Results Last Forever?

A dentist can help you amend minor alignment concerns in your smile with Invisalign. These translucent plastic aligners are built on a custom basis to gradually push your teeth into a straighter position when worn as directed. At the end of this treatment, you can see closed gaps, straighter teeth, and more benefits according to your smile aesthetic goals.

You will not see instant results from Invisalign. But you can experience smile enhancement that will last forever if you follow your dentist’s guidelines. But if you worry about the length of this treatment, give your dentist a call today. Read on to learn more about the longevity of Invisalign treatment and the lasting effects of this cosmetic dental solution.

Do Invisalign Results Last Forever

How Long Do I Wear Invisalign?

Dentists use an individualized approach when it comes to smile design. So treatment lengths for Invisalign will vary depending on your unique goals. Usually, you can anticipate wearing Invisalign for 6 to 18 months.

For optimal results, you should wear Invisalign for at least 22 hours each day, including during sleep. You should take out your aligners when eating or drinking so that you do not make a mess or stain your Invisalign. But otherwise, you should wear these appliances as directed.

You might notice that Invisalign will not fit as well if you forget to wear it for a while. If too much shifting has occurred in your smile to make the aligner fit over your teeth, you may need to reach out to your dentist for new aligners.

This can delay your treatment and disrupt your end results. So make sure to comply with your dentist’s instructions to maximize the benefits of this treatment.

How Long Will Teeth-Straightening Treatment Last?

After completing teeth-straightening treatment with Invisalign, your newly aligned smile can stay this way forever if you adhere to your dentist’s aftercare guidelines. Your dentist will provide you with a retainer to wear over your teeth to keep them in their new straight position in your smile.

If you do not wear this retainer, which should be as often as you wear Invisalign, then the teeth might shift back into their crooked spacing. If too many alignment changes occur in your smile, then you might need another Invisalign treatment to amend them.

So to preserve your smile enhancement, you should wear the retainer each day. Over time, the teeth will fuse into their new positions. And then you may not need to wear the retainer as often.

You should also continue proper oral hygiene to keep your smile clean. Otherwise, you may develop cavities or gum disease that may impact your dental alignment.

Follow preventative care advice from your dentist to protect your dental work as well as your oral health. This should include attending routine dental cleanings and exams along with follow-up appointments as directed. If you notice issues or concerns in your smile, do not hesitate to contact your dentist.